Zoho CRM Integration



Lots of customers asking about Zoho CRM integration. Would love that as an additional option for the UCM.


Why limit it t Zoho? SFDC, Hubspot, etc.


Already available with Zoho guys… just use the ami port and all will be well…


Hi scottsip,
would you be so kind to elaborate a bit more on your answer, I’m trying to integrate my UCM with Zoho CRm but I got some phone integration issues.
would like to see if you guys can help.


Unfortunately I didnt get your post reply sent to my email, anyway, ZoHo CRM integration is really only a lookup from the database and to display it on the screen of the Grandstream phone / Affinity.

You unfortunately do not have tight integration with ZoHo like that of dare i say it - 3cx … cmon Grandstream gods

Anyway… the better integration that would work very well is Sugar CRM (Community edition did work) giving you tight integration…


The ZoHo integration as Scottsip and I have found is extremely poor requiring Grandstream Affinity to partially work. Would not not advise anyone to use Zoho with a UCM right now. I am currently having to replace a UCM with a 3CX Pro solution at my cost with a customer as the integration was so poor. Funny thing is the Pure Asterisk System already has this tight and functional integration.


Indeed very poor integration to the extent of partial information only was being passed and only as a lookup…

The Zoho CRM and even ACT integration from the current firmware level is poor with ZoHo and ACT is cloud based only. So if you are running a local ACT server forget trying to use the UCM at present.

The only CRM that I have found to be useful with the UCM is the Sugar CRM integration. Dont waste your time with the others until Grandstream have provided tighter integration…