Zerotier support



With zerotier client we can extend LAN over WAN,so it would be of great if we have zerotier-one client as well on the device.


cant you… just have your device work over Any wan via a FQDN that is internet-accessible for your call control device?
you don’t need the DP752 to be on the same LAN for it to function.


Zerotier offers L2 connectivity with out exposing devices over internet.


The issue with ZT is that it is an open source project that also has a commercialized version. I do not believe that there is a standard yet associated to it and as a result there is some concern about the ongoing development and how the project will maintain a standardized version; hence the reason for the commercialized version.

Regardless, ZT, while possibly a great product, is not yet a mainstay technology which makes it somewhat problematic for GS to integrate and then support and maintain the application for what may be a small user base. The customer issues of how to make it work could be of real concern given the worldwide distribution of GS products and the various languages spoken. The expense associated to the integration, updating, potential hardware limitations, user issues and such may also entail a price increase on the product(s) to justify its inclusion and further, there would undoubtedly be a call for its inclusion in other devices besides the DP. I think the biggest issue is two-fold - First, the application must run on the device and as such the device must be running an OS that ZT supports. Second - As these GS devices were designed as small single purpose devices, the question arises as to whether the hardware is up to the task of handling the additional storage and CPU load that the application will require.

I am only pointing out what the obstacles are in what GS has to consider before making such a step; not that the suggestion is not worthy of submission as GS will have to decide. Given that VPNs are ubiquitous and offer most, but not all, of the desired functions - encryption, lan extension, private - and really requires no effort on GS’s part, I think the hurdles to overcome for inclusion will be high indeed for any existing product. Perhaps new products might be a better landing spot, but only time will tell.

Just my opinion, but good luck.