Zeros (0) removed when redialing a number


I have a strange bug… Here is the workflow:

  1. I dial a number (eg. 0102030405) with the keypad. Everything is ok.
  2. Then I want to redial this number. Using the keypad I start typing 01… so 0102030405 is suggested.
  3. I hit the down arrow and OK button to select and confirm the suggested number. The number is well dispayed.
  4. Then I hit “Compose” or the green phone key to call this number.
  5. All the zeros are removed from the number (trying to call 12345 instead of 0102030405) and the call fails…

Any idea?

Thanks for your help.

Product Model GXP1625

Software Version



Hi all,
No idea about this problem?
I attach a video that shows the problem when redialling a number as explained above.
Thanks for you support. (3.9 MB)


Your best best is to submit a ticket.

Only they can assist with F/W issues.


Ok thanks. I thought the help desk was this forum. I will submit this bug report.

I dream about GPL license sometime…