Zero Config UCM6301 into GXP2160



I am using Zero Config and have created a model template within Zero Config for the GXP2160 phones.

Once the Config is pushed onto the phone, the phone wont get a dial tone, the Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys and the Numeric Key Pad, do nothing when the buttons are pressed.

If a factory reset is done, the phones become good.

When I turn the disable the Model Template and update the config without the Model Template, the phone works as expected.

Basically, the only reason I want to use the Model Template is to update all the programmable keys to be the same.

Any advice?


first before sending a provision to the phone make sure you:

  • have updated the fw of UCM
  • have updated the fw of the phone
  • take the phone to a format factory
  • update interest model to zero config
  • make sure that the model you are configuring is correct (if you entered the wrong “p” you may have unexpected effects)


What is interest model?
Is this updating the Model Template Package within the Model Update Tab of Zero Config?

Everything else in your list I have done.


I assume you are talking about GXP2160

Try posting screenshots of your settings, otherwise it becomes difficult to figure out what the problem might be


This is what I have as a model template. No other config, everything else is blank.


When the Model Template is not active, I can add the parameters in the individual phone and it works fine.


the model must remain active,
the customized model applies to all phones of the same model and to customize each single phone you must use the TAB on the left “Zero config”,

there are priorities on how UCM uses zero config,
you should read the documentation:


Seems there is an issue with the Model Template within the UCM6301 for the GXP2160.

When I delete out the Programmable Softkey Settings, it works.
GXP2160 don’t have softkeys that I am aware of.

I have the current model template on the UCM6301


In model you add only settings you change, remove everything that you do not change.


try on UCM to delete the GXP2160 model in update and then download it again,

below link for Grandstream Support:


The problem seems to be when I add data into VMPK1

With this model template, I only have this one setting and the problem happens.


There is no delete button


To confirm:

  1. the UCM and 2160s are all on the latest firmware?
  2. the UCM and 2160s are all on the same LAN segment?
  3. The PBX settings, SIP Settings and on the NAT tab, the local LAN segment is populated?
  4. In the Zero-Config settings tab, the Local LAN segment is populated as one that ZC knows that it can use?

I am not sure I understand the speed dial setting shown as there is nothing set to speed dial.


if, as you say, you have updated the FW of the UCM, take a good look at what is there

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No, it is now.
  4. No, it is now.


Apologies, I had the latest firmware on the phones, not in the UCM. The UCM has the latest firmware now.


And, the results?


When I loaded just VMPK 1, it worked.

When I loaded VMPK 1 - 6, original fault occured.


And did you remove all the unneeded codecs from all the phones? Change them all to PCMA for the moment and try, and post the VPK, VMPK settings.


I’ve opened a ticket with support and I have sent them what they’ve requested.

I’ll post the results once a solution is found.