Zero Config to GDMS - process?


I have a 6301 and a two GRP2612P and two GRP2613 phones. I initially used zero config to set everything up and it all is working. I then signed up for GDMS and added each phone manually to GDMS and they were detected and showing online.

In reading the forums and the GDMS users manual , it looks like I need to make a decision on which method to manage the phones because overwrites can occur.

For example, on page 46 of the GDMS manual it says:
Settings configured via other means (e.g. endpoint device web portals, Zero Config provisioning,
etc.) will not be synchronized to GDMS.

On page 50 they talk about “Synchronize Device Local Configuration” which seems to state that the local configuration of the device can be synced/uploaded to GDMS, and the local config info overrides any info already in GDMS.

So it seems then what I should do is now that I have the devices defined in GDMS is to “Synchronize Device Local Configuration” for all of them, and then going forward, just use GDMS to make changes and push them to the devices. If that’s the case, then where can I get definitive list of P codes which I assume I can enter in the device config under Settings, or do the tabs under settings for a device contain the exact same parameters if connected to the phone w/ a browser (it looks like it)?

The reason I am asking this is before I commit to GDMS, I want to make sure I know what’s going to happen. My first attempt at using GDMS I tried to upgrade a GRP2612P that was flagged as needing an upgrade, failed w/ an error of “Fail to get the file” and took the phone offline. I’ll have to physically go to the phone now to see what happened.

So, what’s the general recommendation on how to proceed in my situation w/ GDMS?


Id suggest to just use the UCM and zero config from remote connectivity and leave the GDMS alone - after all it is just someone elses computer that you do not have direct access to and can be compromised.


Dear user,

Thank your for using GDMS platform! It is recommended to use only 1 provisioning server for your devices. For example, if you only wants to use the GDMS platform, you can associate the device to the GDMS platform, and disconnect the association between your device and Zero Config. For most of settings, you can configure the parameters from GDMS platform -> Device -> Set Parameters, and when you save and apply the settings, the parameters will be pushed to the device automatically. If you did not find the options from the Set Parameters menu, you can use Text Editor to push the specific P values to the device from the GDMS platform. You can go to our website to download the latest config template of your devices, so that you will search and find the specific P values there. Based on my experiences, we have almost all settings in the GDMS platform Set Parameters menu, and users will not use Text Editor too often. For your upgrading failed issue in your GRP device, you can capture the trace file with syslog from the device side and send to us for troubleshooting. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply.
When you say “associate the device” how is that done? Is it “Synchronize Device Local Configuration” ?

Secondly, how do I “disconnect the association between your device and Zero Config”? Is that by doing the sync above and just not use Zero config going forward?


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! “Associate the device” means link the device to the GDMS platform. You need to associate the device first, and sychronize the device local settings to the GDMS platform.

Yes, I mean only use GDMS platform for provisioning purposes, and not using Zero Config so that it will not affect the provisioning results. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!