Zero Config not working with UCM6204 firmware


Hi, we are installing a new UCM6204 with some GXP2170 and GXP1620 phones and Zero Config finds the phones but not create the config files for them.


Are the phones in the same subnet?

Is there any special config made to the ZeroConfig?

Have you authorized the subnet in ZC config?

Run a packet capture between UCM and phone and see if the phone receives the NOTIFY request.


make sure that “Verify host when using HTTPS” is set to no


Thanks for the reply fmarcoux96.

Same subnet and authorized un ZC, no ZC special config.
Does the UCM have any tool to capture the packets or I need to use some other tool?


I didn’t touch the phones config, is this setting in the UCM?
With another UCM and phones on another client a while ago, I didn’t touch the phones an ZC provision them ok.


There is a built-in tool. However, check @damiano70 answer first


On phone. Under Maintenance -> Firmware Upgrade if I remember correctly.


yes, the “Validate Hostname in Certificate” and “Authenticate Conf File” are set to no in the phones, is the default setting.

I think maybe the UCM is not creating the config files, because the “Config Server Path” on the phones is changed to the UCM IP address and port.

And if I try to open on a browser the config file ( for example) I get no XML file.


What config are made for the phone? Only an account and MPKs or also custom P-codes?


In the phones nothing, they are factory reseted.
In the UCM for the phone, just the account, nothing else.


Did you assign the phone’s extension via Zero Config?

Can you please show a screen show of the phone’s Update & Config page on the phone’s web GUI.


Yes, I assign the phone’s extension via ZC.

Here the phones’s Update & Config:


And is your UCM?

In Zero Config -> Global Policy -> Maintenance -> Upgrade and Provision can you please set Firmware Source to Local UCM Server and Allow DFHCP Option 43/66 to no.

Do that and then reboot the phone. Then show me these screens again.


Also, please note that Zero Config is reliant on multicast working on your network; make sure your network infrastructure supports this.


The network is a Cisco SW almost at factory default.
One thing I forgot to mention, the update and reboot commands on the ZC page, do not make the phones update or reset, and the Create Config column is empty for all the 3 phone I have connected for testing.
Done the settings on Global Policy and here the screen of the same phone as before:


I make a packet capture during update and reset command and while the phone reset…


Sounds like a multicast issue.

Is the phone plugged into the same switch as the UCM? I assume no VLANs or QOS to get in the way.


Yes, all in the same switch, no VLANs, no QoS, nothing. I factory defualt the SW before using it, It’s a test SW.


In the packet capture I see that the phone is trying to access TFTP on the UCM and get a destination unreachable (port unreachable) error, and if I try to connecto to port 69 on the UCM it is not open, is this ok?


No. You have set it to HTTPS. It should not be requesting TFTP.

What firmware is currently on the phone? If not current, then I sugest you do that next.

You might be best working with the Grandstream help desk.


One phone has old firmware and other the lastest, and both do the same.
I will try with help desk, thanks.