Zerconfig only sets values but doesn't remove empty ones


Example - configured DP720 phone to have second extension. It appeared on the phone screen after updating config (NOTIFY). Then it was removed from Zeroconfig but the 2nd line remained configured in the phone.

It appears that Zeroconfig only sets values defined and totally ignores the rest of them (unchecked boxes, values set to ‘none’ etc). It should apply ALL the values regardless is they have been set or not.


That is correct. Zero Config only sends the values you set.

If you want remove old settings, then do a factory reset; it will put the phone back to default values and then apply the Zero Config changes.


It is done this way, IMO, on purpose. ZC is initially set up with the most used, basic functions. As it is not possible (or at least extremely difficult) to have ALL settings available on the screens, the use of P-Codes comes into play which will allow the manipulation of other settings not readily available on the screen. Some are not aware of this or may prefer to manually set in the phone so it would not be wise to apply in some cases.

However, I tend to agree with you that if setting is able to be made in ZC, then it should also be able to be undone as well. WHIle I have not tried it on a DP as of yet (next week), I wonder if you could not simply leave the box checked and change the settings within the fields to blank or the deafult setting and then send a provision request to update the phone and then simply uncheck the box in ZC?


There is a drop-down, not just a text field and “none” is not an option.

Config file is nothing but P-codes! Take a look at the config-template for the phone. It has every possible option defined. However, zeroconfig programmers decided to only build partial config.

If you want to uninstall a program in Windows or any other operating system, please reinstall OS.
See the logic?


Zero Config is only built to change the parameters you want changed. Factory Reset to reset all the parameters back to base. (Windows 10 even has a similar function to avoid having to do a complete rebuild).

IMHO, worst case scenario is to use a PCode to reset a value.

Note that if Zero Config sent every PCode with its default value to the phone each time, then you would also reset any values you had set outside Zero Config on a phone back to default (not always a desirable result) and it would increase network traffic at the margin (the effect of which depends on each network).

Now, can Zero Config be improved in how it operates, sure. There’s lot of room for improvement.