XML Configuration File Generator export fails to upload to zero config


Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use the XML Configuration File Generator tool from grandstream in order to create 750 extensions and import the xml files to the ucm but when i import one of the exported files on the ucm it outputs the error “the file contents are formatted wrong”. All the devices are going to be GXP1630 so i downloaded the appropriate file from the config template from the tools section in grandstream and configured the CSV file with MAC addresses and sip . On the tool i have inputed the config file on the Configuration Table, selected the Output path and after selecting the CSV file i push “Run with CSV as input” even though the files are created when they are imported we get the error “the file contents are formatted wrong”. Link to the files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/37cnfhpk9os9ois/gxp_template.zip?dl=0


I’m sorry, is there zero config that allows you to make them all fast and use that tool?


A few questions:

  1. When running the tool and creating the XML, did the tool generate any errors?
  2. When importing into the UCM, where was the import function performed?

I suspect you may have used the wrong import location in the UCM. Go to zero-config and look for:


Hello ,

  1. The tool doesn’t generate any errors.
  2. As show in the picture this is where i go to upload the xml files “Choose File to Upload”


I suggest you submit a ticket to support with the files so they can take a look.


I don’t know this tool, you intrigued me and I tried, actually it’s a mistake to me too.


That “import” is to upload the CSV file, not the XMLs.

You use the mentioned tool if you are using a simple Web server instead of the ZeroConfig of the UCM.

Unfortunately you have to build the templates from scratch (well your settings options from dropdown menus or P-value lists) on the UCM to use them with ZeroConfig.


Hello @cyfo

Do you have such a template for me to see how to begin?

Thanks in advance.


It was supposed to be something like below but I tested it really quick and was rejected too:



precisely, accepts them only xml, but by in all cases error


@cyfo I have tested your suggestion and you alos mention it doesn’t work
@damiano70 unfortunately some say it needs xml some say csv it’s not clear i’m still trying to find out


we shouldn’t be the ones to find out, but the parent company should make the instructions public.


A lot has been said, so I thought I’d throw a little in.
Sounds like you want a generated config file to work in zero config.

Config files can be made in bulk with the generator, but won’t work in zero config.
The Generator and zero config are 2 different ways to provision phones.

I made a video on the provisioning tool if that helps:


Hello @lstutesman i saw your video and it helped to understand what the XML Configuration File Generator does and it will not help me with zero config as you said. Although i cannot upload these at the ucm at all i can only upload them to the phones. What is the purpose of the file upload though in the zero config?What type of files do we upload there?


show me the screen you are referring to?


@lstutesman i suppose you refer to the screen of the file upload in the zero config? These are the images

I have tried uploading the xml files here but they fail, i have tried the suggested format of a csv file from @cyfo
from post 9 and several others i could think as well as the MAC.csv file that includes MAC address and configuration from the XML Configuration file Generator zipped file that is offered as a test file like it’s shown in the video but no luck as well.


I also tried different combinations of the CSV to no avail. I guess a support ticket is needed then, since together we have tried a lot of different combinations.


On page 100 of the User Manual you see the following:


Hello @drostoker this has already been tested and suggested from @cyfo at post 9 and it doesn’t work unfortunately. Maybe it’s the encoding. If you have tested this and it works could share a link with the document?


Sorry @athevolveo, I didn’t recall.

I did try the exact example from the manual and got the “The file contents are formatted incorrectly” message as well.