Wrong image quality for video calls?


We have two GDS3710, and on one device, although having selected “Stream 2” for the sip account in use, “Stream 3” (lowest quality) is always sent instead for video calls (received with Linphone). On the other device, the same configuration works properly, and uses “Stream 2” for video calls to the Linphone.

Both Video Settings are exactly the same on both devices (stock configuration), both with fast internet connection. As I can’t have access to any logs, it’s hard to understand whats happening: how can I troubleshoot these issues ?

  1. Are the two GDS3710 with the same firmware version?
  2. In the “Account X” setting, the “Stream” pull down using “Stream 2”?
  3. Who is caller and callee (meaning the call direction). If GDS is caller, the stream 2 used, but if it is callee, the stream 3 used? This could be handled and changed by the SIP Proxy or Server. Capture a packet trace will show what is happening during SIP signal exchange or handshaking stage then media type (stream 2 or 3) decided.
  4. Try to get rid of SIP proxy and using direct IP call (IP Peering Call in same LAN), then stream 2 will be used no matter GDS is caller or callee (but you need to configure the IP inside the whitelist otherwise GDS will reject the incoming call for security reason).

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.

  1. No:
  • working video calls (i.e. correct stream/quality): FW
  • NOT working video calls (i.e. wrong quality/stream): FW
  1. yes, on both GDS

  2. on both GDS: GDS is caller, Linphone is callee. The 2 GDS and Linphone are connected to the same SIP server.

  3. cannot do: the Linphone is sitting outside the LAN


At 3), what is the video codec setting of Linphone? What H.264 profile configured in the two GDS3710 2nd stream?

This seems to me the Linphone and GDS not match in the H.264 profile, then during handshaking downgrade to next lower lever stream (which is 3rd stream). Try configured both GDS3710 the 2nd stream to baseline profile and see what happens.

If Linphone or software is outside LAN, my suggestion for you is using 3rd stream QVGA for the video call, so the call can be more reliable and call establish can be faster. If the Linphone is running at smart phone as APP, then this is a MUST in case no WiFi and 4G data network need to be used.

Please advise. Thanks!


H624. I have deactivated all other codecs when configuring.

The 2nd stream from the GDS3710 with the wrong quality was set as “Main profile”: changing it to “Baseline” seems to have solved the problem ! Thanks a lot for your help !!

BTW, I ran some quick tests, and it seems the 1280*720 quality works just fine on 4G, at least here.


Glad to know the issue resolved and it is nice your local 4G can run 720p, good for you!

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control products.


Hi I have the same problem.
Gds3710 call to gxv3370 only goes with stream 3, With either direct IP or through ucm.
From gxv to GDS through UCM is selects stream 2.



SIP Packetization Compatibility Mode turn on by mistake