Wrong Caller ID for GSM Gateway


I don’t find the touble with the caller id, I have a tellular (FWT-8848 GSM (GATEWAY) ) with a mobil chip, some time the caller id are 0052984578 or 9845784789 or 845784789 etc etc… I configured the “RX Gain” o analoge trunk to 9,10,11 or 12 and work for a minutes after the trouble appear againd…


Am i missing question ?


sorry, I mean How I can have a the correct parameters on the UCM to have the right Caller ID or why sometimes the UCM lisen the correct CALLER ID and sometimes don’t


If inbound then number depend on GSM not UCM.
Also usually outgoing on GSM is predetermined on GSM provider.


well… not exactly the GSM gateway, I mean if I put the “RX Gain to 10” this configuration work for some minutes or hours… after, I need check if it’s still working if not testing the RX GAIN up or down to find the correct valor.


RX is receive, again GSM problem with not stable line ?


Ok Marcin.