Wp825 & ldap



I have a configuration problem with LDAP at a customer who has 5 WP825 and a GXP2615 and a UCM6302A
the contact database comes from the UCM ( ou=Client,dc=pbx,dc=com )
it works with the GRP2615 but not with the WP825
the configuration is the same for GRP and WP825
someone has a printscreen to give me with a WP825?
or if there is a special program for this model?
everything is latest firmware version
any information is welcome





thank you damiano
but I have already looked at this document several times.
FYI the base comes from the UCM
and it works with GRP but not with WP825


it works for me on both reading that manual,
you can ask Grandstream support at this link:


Did you take the example of the DP750?
have you tested with a WP820?
with a landline it works
Do you have a print screen?


If anyone has another way to enter the contacts on the 5 WP825s at the same time,
it also goes for the customer


this is a user to user forum, above i posted the Grandstream support link for you.


Thanks Damiano for the feedback
but you know like me that it’s difficult to get answers
on this forum we find more replies with people like you, (whom I thank)
Support always asks for PBX trace files and customers don’t agree, so it becomes impossible
understand that in these files there is all the information
( password numbers ect …)
the grandstream is a good product but a bit young
he lacks supptility for this demarcation of others.
Developers should listen to people like us who are with customers every day to find a solution to their problems.
we know what the customer wants and what the product does not do!


Grandstream young product?
21 years old, one of the first companies in the world to make and produce VoIP products, maybe you get confused with other company,
UCM610X exists since 2014, it’s 9 years of presence.

Regarding the assistance I cannot answer you, Grandstream from Assistance through Ticket, if you have complaints to make you can make them directly to them, this is only a forum, here you can certainly receive advice.
we have been a telecommunications company for 35 years, and we give assistance as we said to our customers for a fee, like any company.


Yes, sorry I wanted to talk about the UCM6xxx!
No we have no complaints but we work with
major brand (Mitel, Panasonic, Unify,) and it’s different,
is that’s why I find the UCM a bit young it lacks essential functionality (I’m giving an example) a function
on a key that indicates the presence or absence in a
" ring group or call queue " .
That’s why the developers should take our remark into consideration.
I can’t send this kind of remark to support, so I’m talking about it here!
But I say it’s a very good product (we sell more than that)
Thank you Damiano for all your help


Panasonic closed in December 2022 (we have been marketing it for 25 years)

with limits but something similar already exists


Too bad Panasonic was good, we start with TD, TDA, TDE, NCP, NS
precisely we change them with UCMs but there is always a difference


yes there is a code for “call queue” but no
light or visual indication
we have customers who use this function
when he does not want to answer he touches a BLF key and he leaves the “ring group” and the BLF key remains lit in red (on a PANAONIC or MITEL)


Panasonic as traditional telephony was the TOP, VoIP on Panasonic is better left alone,
Panasonic and Mitel cost on average 6-8 times what UCM costs,
therefore it is not possible to make comparisons.


Yes of course ! that’s what I was saying there are more small
detail in programming that we could do,
and it’s missing in UCM
on the other hand UCM is better for all that is network "voice mail
,email, Cite remote "much simpler to program