WP825 Groups



I recently purchased a WP825 Wi-Fi IP Phone, overall it appears to be a decent devices, however I have a few frustrations with the software and setup, if anyone can help that would be awesome.

I upgrade the phone firmware to version beta hoping that some of the issues have been resolved, unfortunately they haven’t.

Issue 1: Groups
The manual refers to groups, I’m specifically interested in the enabling the blacklist group which will allow me to block a list of spam numbers I maintain. In the WEB GUI under Directory > Contacts there is an options to filter groups, however I cannot find a way to create groups or enable the blacklist group.
Is there a workaround for this eg uploading phonebook.xml with blacklist group? Will this be fixed with a firmware upgrade eventually?

Issue 2: Phonebook Management
There is currently no easy way load contacts aside from manually entry via the WEB GUI or manually creating an XML file.

I even went to the effort of setting up a LDAP server however this functionally also appears to have limitations. Despite contacts in LDAP having multiple numbers, only one number is populated when viewing the phonebook contact on the phone.
Despite specifying multiple number parameters in the LDAP Number Filter field, only the first value is displayed/populated as the home number in the contact view on the phone.

These are the LDAP setup values I am using;
LDAP Number Filter = (|(homePhone=%)(mobileNumber=%))
LDAP Name Attributes = cn sn
LDAP Number Attributes = homePhone mobile
LDAP Display Name = %cn

If anyone can point me to any working resources to convert VCARD to XML or Google Contacts to XML that generate Grandstream compatible XML that would be helpful.

I would love to see a native Google contacts sync feature in the future!

Any help would be much appreciated.



WP825 on which voip server?
LDAP works correctly, under the manual link

Grandstream assistance can be found in the link below:


Damiano thanks for the quick reply.

I will take another look at the LDAP settings and give the XML generator a try.


you didn’t tell me which voip server you use,
also, apart from the xml tool, you can create a contact, download the xml file and immediately see how to create it,
LDAP in my opinion much simpler,

if you have problems open a ticket