WP822/825 Bluetooth headsets that work well


Anyone have good luck with a specific bluetooth headset model working well with the WP822 or 825? I briefly messed around with my Apple Airpod Pro’s but didn’t have much luck after pairing them up. Didn’t have much time to test further. I just wanted to see what other people might be using with success. Thanks!


the BT is always a conundrum, or it works well, or the situation is not stable,
for example in my car I have a Sony stereo and a Realme mobile phone, products that are certainly of quality,
everything works fine, then suddenly Sony no longer recognizes Realme (and I have to re-pair), or for example irregular audio (and re-pairing is resolved), all this twice a year. But it’s annoying, surely if it happened to a customer it would represent a serious problem.
Sometimes the choice of product goes to luck.
Without considering that even finding a stable situation, everything works, then maybe you update the FW of the WP or modify / change / repair / update the BT headset and anomalies come out.

As a personal choice, I tell my customers “you buy the BT headset”, so that I don’t get called 3 times a day for audio problems.

Then in your case we are talking about the Apple world, Apple probably works well with Apple accessories, but often associating Apple with another vendor can represent a problem that is not easily solved.
For example, associate the wifi of an iPhone with an A.P. third party …

The advice might be “if product X works well with WP’s BT, I sell that product without further experimentation, now it’s just a matter of finding” mister "X.


I agree 100% and had all the same feelings about BT already. The purpose of my post is to see what IS working well for others with the WP-8xx handsets. For me, Bluetooth has always been a flakey technology but, I still use it almost daily. I hate the idea of offering anything bluetooth to my customers due to the support nightmare I am about to have to deal with. But, I feel the same way about moving to WiFi phones VS DECT but, there are reasons to move to WiFi and to offer BlueTooth that are beneficial to my customers. Unfortunately, I think DECT > WiFi and Wired Headset > BT headsets will add a lot of support that I wish I didn’t have to supply.