Wp820 web ui firmware issues


Hy there,
i cant access the phones web ui :frowning:

It shows system VErsion - but also after restart says there is an signature error on firmware.
Under advanced settings / System Upgrade / … there is an new upgrade …

THe way over the air seems not to work.

Then i tried to update via USB. I used an adapter since micro-USB-STicks are not common.
After reboot there is no info that the phone detects something on the external storage.

Any limitations known about the size of the usb storage ?
Should i try a native usb micro stick ?

(sorry about the missspellings - not a native writer)


ups - strange issue
with our iPad (over wlan) i can access the UI
normaly there are no differences betweeen lan / wlan due to our unify AP



Is this with the USB upgrade or you are entering URL in config path? If URL, could you let us know what you have input? Usually this means the file is not for WP8xx model.

We are not aware of any size limitation but if you have many files in the root directory it can slow down the detection. The firmware file must be in the root direction (not inside a folder). We recommend to use a clean USB (no files other than firmware file). Also do not rename the firmware file. It should be “wp820fw.bin.”

It seems your LAN and WLAN could be on different subnet. Try to ping the WP820 IP from your PC. If there is no reply then it confirms the issue.

Some workaround solution:

  1. Connect your PC to unify AP’s LAN ports (if supported).
  2. Disable DHCP on unify AP and set it to switch mode. Then connect a LAN cable from existing network to AP’s LAN ports



The Message shows up after every restart of the phone.

I think the USB upgrade never startet to work since the dialog shown in the administrative guide was never shown (page 75 on the top).

Reaching the web ui with my iPad i managed to configure the phonebook and that was the initial reason for all …

I `ll check for the LAN / WLAN issus later - thank you so far



We would like you to help us capture a trace of the device attempting to acquire firmware so we could check the issue:

  1. Using your Ipad access the device’s web UI and go to Maintenance->System Diagnosis->Debug
  2. Setup the one click debugging like this:
  3. Click start
  4. Go to the handset, navigate to Setting->Advanced Settings->System upgrade and select “Detect upgrade”
  5. Wait a few minutes. You might see the error again.
  6. Go back to the Ipad and press “Stop” then “List”
  7. Download the .pcap file and attach here

Just an FYI, the firmware server path should be configured like below:

For the USB drive, could you try a drive with FAT file system and smaller capacity? There should be a prompt for the upgrade if its working.