WP820 Video Feed from Mobotix T25 Door-Station via FritzBox


Hello Guys,

i hope this is the correct category :slight_smile:

I am about to replace my AVM Fritz-Fon Phones with Grandstream WP820 due to problems with DECT.
At this moment the WP820 are both working fine (got 2 of them), so i can call via Fritzbox, i can receive calls via Fritzbox and also my Doorstation Mobotix T25 will call the WP820-phones.

Only thing missing is the picture / feed from door-station. This was working with AVM Phones right away. So when someone is ringing doorbell, the doorbell calls via fritzbox the phones and they display the feed (at least until i accept the call)

Anybody has experience with this?
How to get video / picture to the WP820?

Fritzbox is sending it somehow to the phone when calling, but i could also specifiy some url for the WP820 where it should read when receiving this call?!


If fritz is PBX then check if you added video codecs.


How and Where? :slight_smile:


No idea, this is not fritz forum and i do not have one.
Check if this model is capable of video at start.


As i said, the original AVM FritzFon-Phones did work. So the Fritzbox is sending the Video, but i dont know what to do that the WP820 is receiving / showing it.

So i need one of these 2 things:
-> Somebody with experience or idea about how to get WP820 to work with AVM FritzBox
-> Somebody with experience or idea about how to get WP820 to work with Mobotix T25 (which also has SIP Server and Client)


Wp820, do you have latest fw ? It was not supported in earlier soft.


yes the newest the WP820 could find when putting correct update url :slight_smile:


Let test it :smiley:
Run debug mode on WP, make call from Mobitix, share debug (i need pcap)