WP820 Replacement Battery?


I’ve been using the WP820 for a while now and I really like it, so I’ve decided to invest in a few more. To make sure I don’t wind up with downtime I want to get a couple replacement batteries, but I can’t find any reference to an official/OEM Grandstream battery available on Grandstream’s website.

I found a few websites claiming to sell them, but I’m always a bit suspicious of this when I can’t even find a product SKU for the replacement battery. I see the GMC08 which looks like it’s designed to charge the extra batteries, but no batteries for it to charge. What am I missing?


You need to contact your distributor or reseller to get them. They exist, I see them in my inventory, but they do not advertise them on the website.

Since you are in California, maybe @lpneblett in Texas can help you get them. (Not aware of someone in CA on this forum)


Got it. Thanks for the quick reply. I got mine from Amazon, so I’m guessing I’m kind of stuck.


Got what, the battery or the phone?


The phone. Sorry for the confusion. I bought the phones from Amazon and I’m trying to figure out where to get the batteries.


From a reseller :wink: There are plenty here! I would gladly sell them to you but I am in Canada so it’s just more complicated.


Take the battery out and do a Google search on the manufacturer and P/N. It’s a 1500mah Li-Ion battery and fairly common.


Perhaps Wallmart will have them???