WP820 Recomendations


Hello All,

I’ve got 4 820’s connecting to a single GWN7630. All four phones are set to connect over 2.4 G. We connecting over 5 G, the phones seemed to drop connection all the time.

The phone system, 7000 firewall, AP and phones are all on current firmware.

Even on 2.4 G, the phones can’t get much more than 30 feet from the AP before they start losing connection.

Thoughts? Best practice for setup?

  • WP820 should work better in 5G voice,
  • Enable Voice Enterprise (4 voices) -> enable (need the voice in wifi - disable if it creates 11K and 11V voice problems)
  • Channel tries to raise / lower the band

Any changes I recommend you save the setting and always restart the GWN


Hey there James,

Something for you think about is the following:

  • the AP transmits packets at a power ratio that your device can receive - the power for the signal is at a level where you can see the signal from many devices - however…

  • the wp820 and other devices have to transmit at a power level to reach the AP to connect…

Its a two way street and you might have to increase the AP’s in the area to ensure send and receive.

does that make sense ?



So, going nuts here trying to get these phones stable.

  • I had done and redone the steps to move channels and bands.
  • All the phones are only about 30 to 40 feet from the AP.
  • “WP820 should work better in 5G”, funny, I’ve always been told that low bandwidth items should be put in 2.4 G if you want distance, which I do. However, running a persistent ping to the phone over 2.4 showed about 1% packet loss. 0 packet loss over 5ghz.

I disabled the guest network I setup and everything is stable. I re-enabled the network and the phones are unstable.

Interestingly, I had a similar issue with another AP with more than 1 SSID where the WiFi was not stable. However, I didn’t have a chance to dig into it. For other reasons, the second SSID was no longer needed shortly after the install so it was removed. With all the other things going on during that install, I basically didn’t think about after that.

Anyone had issues with multiple SSID’s on GWN7630’s?

Any other thoughts on getting WP820’s stable?

Thanks again for your comments!


What is trhe height of the AP('s) from the target area of usage?

Are there any other WiFi’s in the proximity?

How many devices are also connecting to this AP / AP’s ?