WP820 doesn't stop ringing after GDS3710 door open on another phone


I have a WP820 with the latest firmware as a member of a ring group that rings when the doorbell is pressed on our GDS3710 gate controller. When I open the gate with another phone the WP820 often just keeps ringing and ringing. None of the other phones in the system do this, and the WP820 ringer will silence if I press the hangup button on the handset.

Anyone have suggestions about how to get this phone to correctly stop ringing when the gate call is handled by another phone?


If the phone on the same Lan as the ucm/3710?


Yes, the phone, the gate control and the UCM are all on the same local lan. All the other phones are, too, but they stop ringing as soon as any other phone is used to open the gate. I am not sure yet, but this may occur only when the “Open Door” button is pressed without answering. This is a supported feature, so using it should not be a problem.


Do a packet capture and see what the messaging looks like between the devices.


My guess:
IT is not ANSWERED, someone push button to OPEN only.
And option in GDS is not enabled.
Enable On Hook After Remote Door Opened

So GDS ring as call was never answered and open door do not close ringing :>



Could you advise us the model of the UCM and firmware?




We believe this is the issue and the solution.



The “Enable On Hook After Remote Door Opened” has been enabled the entire time, so I don’t think this is the issue and the solution.

UCM-6202, running firmware

I have not found a way to reliably reproduce this problem every time, but it has happened several times.



Ok noted. There are many variables to the open door process so it’s hard to say exactly which device is at fault without a packet capture from WP820. When a device sends open door to GDS, GDS following the on hook feature will send a CANCEL to the UCM and it should propagate to all the endpoints which were part of the call. If the WP820 didn’t stop ringing, it either didn’t get the CANCEL or got it but didn’t act on it.



If this not help, catch packets on UCM.
Just do test until it happens, then share result.
There is to many variables to guess what is wrong.