WP820 disable video call prompt


I’m configuring a couple of WP820 phones for the first time (lots of experience with other Grandstream phones). When a user dials a phone number and then presses the Call button, the WP820 asks if the user wants to make an Audio call or a Video call.

Is there a way to disable this prompt? All calls are audio calls.

Thanks for any insight!



try these two parameters, please give me feedback, thanks:

Start Video Automatically. 0 - Disable, 1 - Enable. Default is 1.
Number: 0, 1
P2314 = 0

Enable Video Call. 0 - Yes, 1 - No. Default is 0.
Number: 0, 1
P22091 = 0


Thanks for the reply.
I had already set those both to 0.


with zero you have enabled the video, if anything you have to set to 1 (Enable Video Call)


Good catch!
Well that’s silly. Since when does 0=true?
I updated that but still no dice.
Users are still prompted with voice call or audio call.


I think you’d better open a ticket, post the outcome here.
After the changes I had you make, did you restart WP820? I’d hate for you to take over the setup when you reboot.


@ehstein solved?


Not really.
I abandoned this and just instructed the user to choose either video or audio, as it wouldn’t matter which they chose.
Not the outcome I was looking for but I can’t invest any more time in this little quirk at the moment.


Upgrade firmware, i remember this in older fw.



There’s a known issue with “Enable video calls feature” on so the prompt to choose audio or video cannot be disabled. We plan to release a new firmware soon which will include the fix for this issue.



Yeah still here, but pressing green handset establish call without asking.