WP820 and 3CX



Yes. It’s works, I used the template for Grandstream phones.
I have asked to 3CX in the forums when the WP820 will be in the supported list and they said that is on the way but nobody knos when,…


Don’t get your hope too high, 3CX has apparently lost the interest in certifying GS phones. From what I know from 3CX themselves, a few models are in validation process but it’s been this way for months.

Here’s the list of devices I suppose they are certifying:

  • WP820
  • GXV3370/3380
  • DP750/752
  • GRP2612/13/14/15 (when it comes out)
  • GXW45xx series

And those I would like to see:

  • GDS series
  • GSC series
  • future devices (beta and such)


What template? Did GS provide one?