WP820 and 3CX




I need to register my WP820 with 3CX v16. I see that there are some templates and config like: WP820_config_1.0.5.5.txt and WP820_config_v2_1.0.5.5.xml which I saw in the forum but when I try to load the template to my 3CX I have to change the extension file from xml to .ph.xml but doesn’t work.

Is there other method or a manual?

Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.



This is really needed to be posted on the 3cx forum rather than the Grandstream forum… although there are people here including myself who know 3cx.


There are no templates from either GS or 3CX that I am aware of for the WP820. I have several registered to 3CX servers locally and remotely (STUN and SBC) that work well. Even the CSTA works with 3CX well (you need to make a change in Settings->Parameters on the 3CX server to get that to work though. Just set them up by hand…unless you have a bunch of them it shouldn’t take long.
The alternative is set up one WP820, export the config and modify this file for each handset. Then put them on a HDD and connect the 820 through USB and it will provision (you need fw fo this)
Or just use GDMS.
The files you mention are references for the P values not templates you can use with 3CX.
My guess is that the 820 will be supported by 3CX soon. Whenever GS add support for CSTA and 3CX SBC to a handset it almost always means 3CX support is in the offing


try adding it as a manually deployed extension - username, password and sip server.


Unfortunately this device is not supported by 3CX (they support only a couple GS series).

There is no template yet from GS themselves but they know it’s needed. You can try requesting it in a support ticket, they normally just give it to you if there’s one.

In the meantime, configure it manually.

@rtl What parameter for CSTA?


CSTA Control. 0 - Off, 1 - On. Default is 0.
Number: 0, 1
P32053 = 0

or if you prefer

item name=“remoteControl.csta.enable”>No</item

You’ll need to edit Settings->Parameters->CSTA_USER_AGENTS and add “,Grandstream WP820” to the end. Note the leading comma and it’s case sensitive. You need fw or above and there’s no need to reboot the 3CX server after the change


Oh, that I tried on different models. 3CX doesn’t recognize it still. Might be filtering on 3CX sides but anyways.


It works, just edited my post to add the 3CX changes needed. I think you’ll see support for the WP820 and GRP handsets on 3CX pretty soon
If you really need a template for the WP820 then its not difficult to write one. Tedious but not challenging


Actually, I wouldn’t expect any new GS phones to be certified. From what I’ve gathered from Brian, 3CX recently changed a few things about their policies and they no longer show a interest in validating GS phones.

My guess is GS will provide unofficial template like they used to. Never really bothered me.

As for writing one, not really needed for me right now, however I have a few other devices I had to ask GS for the 3CX template they supplied during certification. DP75x FXS template works perfectly and the GXV33xx too. Those are using P-codes however. I asked GS to use Alias so we can have 1 template for all devices.


From what I’ve gathered from Brian, 3CX recently changed a few things about their policies and they no longer show a interest in validating GS phones.

I heard something along those lines but most of our 511 3CX installs use 3CX ‘supported’ handsets anyway. We’ve been moving away from 3CX over the last 6 months (it’s never been our principal pbx). From start of June '19 we’ve been using Vodia as our preferred pbx with 3CX if the client really wants it. Grandstream handsets of course, thats all we’ve ever used for over 11 years now


I also prefer 3CX but the fact that they have their own mentality is a PITA sometimes. GS phones should be supported but they don’t want to. Meanwhile, Yealink has new supported phones every 2-3 months.

I looked at Vodia but the GUI is simply horrifying for me.


I looked at Vodia but the GUI is simply horrifying for me.
I found it somewhat intimidating at first…took a couple of months to become competent.Once you’ve mastered it it’s way better than 3CX…and I can brand the whole interface, including copyright notices, removing all reference to Vodia. And they support GS handsets!
We’ve moved around 100 clients from 3CX to Vodia with another 300 scheduled over the rest of the year. Clients love it


Yeah, but for my customers, 3CX is better due to the app. Vodia doesn’t have a mobile app that works so great.

Also, branding is not a problem for us. We don’t mind their logo.


Vodia have an android app ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vodia.vodiaphone&hl=en_GB) but not an iOS app but the way they integrate the cellphone functions means they don’t need one.


I didn’t know about the Android app, most of our customers use iPhones. So do we in-house.

Like I said, if Vodia had a better UI, I’d probably switch. For now, we prefer 3CX.

Vodia has a few interesting features but that’s all. Every PBX is basically the same nowadays. I looked at Bicom PBXware, Vodia, 3CX, Yeastar, PBXact/FreePBX. I even looked at FusionPBX. All of these do the same, just pick the one you like the most. And as for supported handsets, as long as SIP RFC is respected by the PBX, you shouldn’t have any big issues. For example, I have a GXV3370 connected via the GS template to our 3CX, it works perfectly even tho it’s not “supported”.


I agree with all that. What I really dislike about 3CX is their habit of contacting my customers directly and referring to them as their customers. Thats the main driver for us moving away from 3CX. Its a good product but their business practices leave a lot to be desired


premise based 3cx or hosted ?


Believe me, we all hate this. Unfortunately that’s how they work and if you don’t agree, they simply kick you out (had issues with them in the past).

As soon as I find something similar to 3CX/Vodia with a great UI and a good mobile app (no, cellphone integration like Vodia is not good enough for most of our customers), I’ll switch everyone!

FYI, 3CX only contact your customers if their license is expiring soon and the reseller (you, in this case) didn’t renew it. Also, they might tell them to change reseller if you are no longer “Certified” by them. For example, v16 has new content in certifications so you need to keep updated.


mainly early premise based. Since around 2015 we’ve been registering all 3CX licences in our name to prevent this. Note that if you use the instance manager 3CX can see DDI’s etc and WILL use them to call customers direct. They usually go for the larger installations (128 SC +). One of our client’s in the UK, (a Le Mans team) were so annoyed they insisted on tearing out 3CX there and then!


Yeah, that’s the worst part of 3CX: business policies and models.

Not really surprising honestly… look at how they treat their partners…

The Instance Manager part, I didn’t know that. Good to know!