WP810 not ringing and server returning 408



With firmware versions (and indeed previous versions, but this was the first where the phone didn’t hang after a few hours) and then both work fine, but when I upgrade to or (BETA) then the WP810 never rings and the SIP server eventually returns a 408 (request timeout). If I rollback the firmware to then it works again.

Are others having this issue? Are there likely to be settings that I need to change or is this a bug?

How do I need to proceed to get this fixed?





Just in case anyone else has this problem, following help from support I now have it working again.

I had NAT Traversal set to Auto which had always worked. However, it turns out that with version and earlier there was a problem that caused a UPnP request to get my (public) WAN IP address to fail. With and later this was changed and so the WP810 correctly got my WAN IP address which then got used in the REGISTER and then the INVITE was sent to the WAN IP address rather than VPN local IP address that it should have been and so was never received by the WP810.

Setting the NAT Traversal to No or Keep-Alive stops this from happening and the WP810 correctly receives the INVITE…

I suspect that this will only be a problem for those using a Fritx!Box with the WP810 registered of a VPN.