WP810 - IP Direct Call not working


Hello everyone,
Just purchased 2 x WP810’s for IP Direct calling. Unfortunately, I cannot make it work despite using the following dial string: 47192168.1.10; nothing happens at all. I am using Firmware Version:; I have also set “Use Random Port = No” for both handsets. Could someone please assist?, thank you.


Joseph… you put in the IP address of the other device you wish to call to be able to connect to it…


Hi Scottsip,
Yes, I have already done that … I have configured IP Addresses in both handsets; when I take it off-hook, dial the 471921681*10 (Separated by asterisks and IP Address of the seconds WP810), it just doesn’t dial … I am at a loss here, thanks.


why are you using 47 and the IP (never mind you needed to use *47 then the ip) if that is the other phone then (192 * 168 * 1 * 10)


Okay I am having no issues this end … with a WP810 using *47 then the IP of handset…

Try checking to make sure that you have not enabled the disable check box of Disable DIrect IP in settings call features of the phones.


Thank you scottsip, I will check when I get back into the office.


Make contact with
Then it should work.

Also i think you need add anything to account 1 sip server + credential (just disable register), WP do not allow call if there is no sip server ?