WP810 crashes when not used


It is just over one year since I started this topic, and I have officially given up…
By officially, I mean today after work I’m going to crush them in the carpark then toss them in the trash.
Then have a beer while I toast never buying or recommending a Grandstream product again.
I just wish I had used this simple fix a year ago


also the same problem with phones, write who solved it at least temporarily


We reduced freezes by automatically restarting the phones once a day via Scheduler and I think it was pLink.exe (putty) …
With pLink we log into the Phones via the SSH and issue the restart-cmd.

We are still evaluating how much it really improves the situation …

i noticed that the phones are getting laggy time after time … ping goes up far over 1000ms … i guess that’s the moment they internally crashed some how.


Please describe the method via pLink.exe? I tried just running the command via ssh and via ansible. It’s not working out yet.


It would be better to communicate to Grandstream this anomaly for it to be resolved, the “temporary” solutions are never very well volute


I found such a solution. A script that connects via ssh and restarts the phone. It seems to be working fine so far.

#!/usr/bin/expect -f

spawn ssh admin@
expect "password: "
send "pass\r"
expect "$ "
send "reboot\r"
expect "$ "
send "exit\r"


we have the same problem. Grandstream support says the dev team is working on a fix


From GS support.

“It seems like you are hitting bug 205463 which we will fix in our upcoming BETA firmware, ETA next month.”


We worked with GS support about three months ago on this. We were told this thread has no bearing on our issue and were given a firmware to fix this…

The fix seemed to mostly work for about a month, three months on and they are useless again. I’ve reached out to support again to get a resolution but I’ve also asked our supplier to consider a replacement refund as these phones are not, and have never been fit for purpose. Its obvious they have no idea what this issue is or how to fix it as every promised fix has failed to work.

This Culminated in a customer calling before Xmas and asking use to remove the whole VOIP system and refusing to pay for outstanding charges because the system doesn’t work and they have no faith we can make it work. :frowning: This has left me with a number of phones I now cant use and three other upset customers. I’ve now gone back to our supplier (VOIPon) and asked them for a remedy or I’ll consider legal action.

Asking for logs, captures and other things isn’t really an answer. There are enough people with this problem that statistically, it isn’t likely a rare issue and should be reproducible. This implies GS simply don’t care and are just hopefully patching things without understanding the fault or testing properly if at all.

Scripts are all good, but again, shouldn’t be needed, the device should just work.

I also raised the fact that the pinned firmware on this forum is an older, bugged one with the latest one shifted further down, I see this hasn’t changed.

I’d advise anyone planning on deploying these phones to customers take a long, hard think about how much you value your reputation before you do so.


Waiting for the new firmware which might hopefully fix the issue that the phone doesn’t respond to calls.
As a tech interested private person it’s not business critical to me as I still have normal DECT/CatIQ phones which work. I was just hoping to drop DECT and go for WiFi.

I use Firmware which is pinned at the top of the forum. Couldn’t find any later version.

When the bugs are solved, there’s still a lot to add to become competitive with my older DECT phones (see my post above). That’s all no rocket sience, so I wonder what’s the problem.


New beta firmware is out.


Well in the end the Auto-Restart didnt bring the improvement we needed.
As a retirement home we must be able to dispatch emergency calls … but with the phones still freezing and hanging … we replaced all phones with regular smartphones using sip-clients.


Same crap. Worked for a week or two and then broke.
I have removed all of these and will be starting legal action against our supplier for refusing to replace these. As per the person below we are going to replace these wit something else. 4 firmware updates and still broken. We will also be removing all GS phones and bridges from our clients as we go forward.



Just curious before I sell any of these, is this issue still happening on the latest firmware or is the product stable now? Is the WP820 the safer bet?

Thank you kindly.


The WP820 seems to be better, I had them both deployed and the 820 stayed up, the 810 always got complaints. Doesn’t make sense but, yeah there seems to be a difference.


All updated to latest firmware, didn’t fix the issues, added new ones. Supplier took them back for a full refund. Phones are garbage, its taken almost a year of us working with GS to try and get these working and cost us customers. Have moved to Yealink/Sangoma DECT, no issues. Even is the WP820 is better the GS support and attitude on these has sucked.


The only companies i know who actually admit and then fix bugs are:

  • HP
  • Intel
  • Cisco (in there early days, not they dont recognize anything as a bug, especially in there Meraki range)
  • Watchguard

Intel ive had take a bug, confirm it 2 days later, contact me 10 days after and say “its fixed in version x, download, install and confirm it worked”, only to find once i got to the PC it already had downloaded version x and was fixed with out me having to do anything !


WP820 is an Android device, the 810, 822, 825 are all linux, have a WP820 on my desk since 2019 when it came out, still testing it, its rapid for connecting to VPN, still testing the voice though on it.