WP810 crashes when not used


If I don’t use my WP810 phones for about 4 or 5 days sound stops working (no ringing on incoming calls, no sound when placing on cradle etc) if I leave them for a few more days the keypads become unresponsive and I then need to remove the batteries to reset them. Both have the latest firmware.
My plan was to replace all of my phones with these, but so far I just cant trust them. Anyone else having this problem or is it my setup somehow?


Got the same issue here. Wait for the next beta firmware (should come soon) to see if it fixes it. They probably know about that already.


I think this story of “waiting” for the next Beta is making everyone nervous, is it not possible to publish stable versions only when they are really stable?


Dude, we want to test the betas to find bugs they didn’t find and make sure they fixed the obvious ones.

I’d rather have a beta and test before than having a firmware that is “stable” but breaks everything in the end because no one checked.


yes, I agree, but I am referring to the fact that a Beta is released which must overcome the problems of the stable version, which Beta version has obvious problems.
And this is absolutely not good.
So the stable version should be better tested before putting it into production.


Have exactly the same “freezing” issue on 3 of these WP810 phones after a few days of running:

  • No Ringing on Incoming calls
  • No Sound when placing on the cradle
  • Screen appears locked up
  • Keyboard un-responsive
    I have just installed the Beta 30/11/20 on these phones.
    Under the Beta Release Notes they claim to have fixed this “freezing” issue BUT they still haven’t!
    Grandstream : When are you going to fix this issue!!
    We have missed many important calls and I now have to go around all the phones every couple of days to unplug them and then plug them back in to RESET them so we don’t miss calls.
    I will have to return these to our local re-seller if the issue isn’t fixed soon, as they are not “fit for purpose” in there current state . . .
    I believe these are running a Linux variant for their OS; sounds like a “kernel panic” issue to me . . .


I have the same problems with 2 of these WP810 phones which I provided to a client. They stop ringing after a few days and the ‘bell’ loudspeaker stops making any sound, even when selecting a ringtone.

Also, before they break, the earpiece sound on a call worsens and the other party receives poor speech.

Removing the batteries for about one minute fixes them for a week or so.

I upgraded them to software beta, set them for IPv4 only with fixed IP addresses, made sure the local RTP and SIP ports did not clash with any other phones on the same account (the others are a Grandstream GXP2140 on ethernet direct from the NAT Billion router and a GXP1420 via a Wi-Fi access point. The Wi-Fi is a 10-station Deco M4 mesh from TP-Link. The broadband is full fibre with a fixed IP address.

Any further suggestions? The next software release hasn’t appeared yet, as of April 2021.

I am going to have to scrap these phones and replace them with DECT if I can’t get them to work, so I will lose the money and not recommend them again, despite bravely supporting Grandstream products for more than 15 years.



exactly the same problem here. I like the idea of them, but setting a reminder to remove the battery every 5 days is not really a solve. It has been 6 months now, so I’m looking for a replacement


I guys,
i conferm that WP810 have many problems.

  • No Ringing on Incoming calls
  • No Sound when placing on the cradle
  • Screen appears locked up
  • Keyboard un-responsive
    I add audio quality.
    I made a script to restart via ssh every night some phone, but the problems are present.

My customer have 16 Wp810, and they have big problems.
I opened a ticket on february 4, Grandstream gave me beta firmware,, but no soluions to wp810 issues.


Any Progress?
We still have freezes and random crashes … i doesnt look that they gonna get this fixed …


Same issue here. Really pain about such silent fail.


There’s a new beta As I have the same issues, I just installed it. Will see if it fixes the problems.
I’m quite puzzled, that these basic functions don’t work reliable. Apart from that I’m missing quite some “advanced” functions which I summarized on my WP810 info page.

  • Change background image
  • Motion sensor
  • Access LDAP or CardDAV phone book
  • Store contact photos
  • User uploadable ringtones
  • Display on in charging station
  • Configure buttons for door intercom
  • Configure video source for door intercom


I have 20 wp810 in my company and every day all colleague call me to report this problem.

Every morning the phones doesn’t working. They totally freeze with black screen and red led active.

It’s ridicolous that every morning before start to work they have to remove the battery.

@grandstream it’s time to solve these problems


Would have to agree, this is getting ridiculous. If they can’t fix them (it has been a long time now) they should issue a recall and refund all customers. That will be the only way i’ll ever recommend another grandstream product to my clients.


I’ve been battling this now for 5 months after buying a large number of these for two customers, myself and event stock and they are utter junk. Same issues as above and all over the net. They can’t actually be reliably used as phones! Unless this gets some level of actual support applied to the issue we are either going to have to return all of these as not fit for purpose or start looking at legal routes.

I noticed the latest 2130 firmware has a huge warning about bricking phones too. Is anyone at QA over there awake? I’ve sold hundreds of GS products and now wondering if I need to stop.

@Grandstream fix this or recall the damn things.



I also have this issue on all 3 of my devices… Have also tried everything but now giving up and like others i will not be reselling grandstream ever again as this is unforgiveable for a device to be released that doesn’t even perform basic functions like ringing correctly… obviously not a lot of testing done.


@grandstream do you think you give an answer to us?

You behavior is very ridicolous, you never give an answer to customers for a year (first post October 2020).

You are not a serius company and advice all to never buy your product.



I’ve been told my issue is not the same as this thread (Despite the fact it obviously is) and I’ve had to go over the actual issue multiple times. I’m busy as hell and being asked again this morning by the support tech to go over the story again and explain the issue again has meant I’m going to be returning all of these and dropping GS as a supplier. Our time is apparently not worth anything to GS.


@RealitytechUK Is Grandstream support know of this thread and problem?



They do and don’t really care.

They prefer releasing new products than fixing the current ones.

We stopped selling all GS (except APs because they work, but we don’t expect any support.)