WP810: Alarm/notification when account not active



Hi developers,

there’s a couple of reasons why a WLAN phone may not reach its SIP server and many of them aren’t related to the phone itself like an access point breakdown (seen this morning). Of course, users have the possibility to notice such a condition by activating the display and check if the account symbol is green or not.

However, it would be cool if the phone would be able to frequently notify persons in its vicinity with an annoying enough “beep” that an active account is down and the connection needs attention. Ideally, it would be a configurable setting per account, so that users can decide whether or not they find it important for each account.

Best, Soeren


you should report it directly to Grandstream:


Thanks, @damiano70.

Thought that suggestions aren’t entitled since they’re not defects, but I can give it a try. :wink: