WP810/822/825 Feature request


I assume that the SoC in these devices doesn’t have the horsepower/resources to waste on T9 style predictive typing.

A feature that would be really useful on these phones would be to have 10 or so user predefined messages that can be chosen from a drop down when creating a text message. It would save a lot of wear and tear on the keypad and would allow quick sending of things the user sends all the time like:

Message received
Meet me at xxx
Be there soon
Will e-mail you later




By posting this under my request are you suggesting that the help desk is the preferred place for feature requests? I did not file it there as I assumed that was a Support channel not a Dev channel



no, this is only a user-user forum, if you want the information to reach Grandstream the suggestion is to open a ticket


Thanks, I’ll take a look over there for the appropriate spot to file a Feature Request ticket.


Hi, this is a user only forum, Grandstream do not look here for support. Need to open a ticket with them and ask them to forward this to R&D, dont hold your breathe though, i am still waiting for basic features in the UCM identified as a fault in 2016