Would like to see better Documentation


Would like to see better Documentation and screen shots that explains how to find the base unit on different OS’s and how to configure the base unit.


first of all, good morning,
I do not understand the question, just put the recording base and from the handset to register, what documentation do you need?



Could yo be a little more specific?
Register a handset to base station is only take 2 steps: 1. press the subscribe button, 2. handset search base and register.
After registered the handset, you can find the base IP, version info at “Menu” -> “Status” -> “Base Status”, this don’t rely on OS.
For the SIP configuration, we do have some for the first configure as we use: profiles / accounts / lines 3 layers. if you have any good suggestion that can simplify the SIP account settings, please don’t be hesitating to let us know, thank you!


Hi Shawn,
the difficulty for me was that the SIP server and the account are configured on different pages; One option which can maybe make the step into the products a bit easier would be to offer a small optional wizard which guides through the needed steps;

  1. Choose or create a profile for a server
  2. Add the account
  3. Choose which handset should serve for…

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P.s.: Maybe i have missed it… Is there somewhere something like a quick start guide?