Work GDS3710 and Grandstream Wave


Is it possible to work Grandstream Wave and GDS3710 within the local network without a SIP-server?
What settings need to be done?


@Aleksey: Yes, absolutely, but similar configuration or setup like SIP hard phones noted as below:

  1. All IPs using Static IP instead of DHCP, otherwise reboot IP changed no calls will work.
  2. User “Random Port” has to be configured to “NO” in callee side (most device the default setting is “Yes” and therefore not working) either be GSWave, or hard IP Phone. Othewise callee will not get any call.
  3. Be careful about the port used, has to be synchronized in both GDS and GSWave, for SIP signalling.
  4. Make sure to use latest firmware for GDS and GSWave.
  5. Configure and enable “Direct IP Call” in GDS side. (default is enabled).

Good luck and thank you for using GDS3710 and Grandstream products!