Work around for Multicast paging echo


Anyone found a workaround for the bad echo on multicast paging? Tried setting up another group without the paging phone in it but that didn’t work either. Why does the paging phone continue to listen for the multicast address? Using GXP1760W phones.


Are you certain the paging phone is responding to the page?

Most of the time, the echo is related to acoustic echo, This is when the phone that is conducting the page is also picking up the page from the other phones that are receiving the page and same is coming from the speaker.

To minimize the effect, you should only use the handset, not the speakerphone function and isolate the microphone of the handset from being able to pickup the page from others…even if you have to cup your hand over it,.

It would really be nice if they would/could implement a record/delay page where you pickup the handset and record the announcement and upon hanging up the system then sends the page.


I’m curious. What if you setup a pre-recorded message to play? Do you still hear echo?


I’m wondering:
Maybe they use multiple Multicast on same port from few devices ?
Not sure if that is possible :slight_smile:


Yes I believe so. When I press the page button on the phone, 2 BLF lines light up and on the other stations only one does. When I end the call from the phone I page from, the echo stops.


I can try that. I was not planning on using that feature but I can give it a shot.


I’m new to phones so I do not quite understand what you mean as I thought the phones would all use the same port. I spent several hours going through the forums and felt I had found what I needed to set them up. I even tried excluding the paging phone’s extension from the paging group but made no difference. I would appreciate any other suggestions you may have.


Yes but 1 page is for 1 use. If you use more then it will be problem with messing communication.
Then why you need set 1 multi port for each phone. This system is not dedicated to multiple use at once on same port and same devices.

As for echo: i hope that devices are not near ? Then you will have typical echo as your phone will catch other phones speakers.


The port issue is covered in the doc

I suggested using a pre-recorded message as a test as there would be no external audio source active during the playback (eg. your phone). If there was still echo, it would be a configuration issue for sure.


I had used that document as a template but I forgot was the first rule of computers. If it’s acting strange, restart. After power cycling and trying it a little further from another base unit it worked as it should. I was shocked at the sensitivity of the mics on the base. Thanks for all the help.