Won't boot, no password for recovery mode



I’ve got a UCM6204 that has stopped booting, the scroll bar just keeps going and going. I can get into recovery mode, but either don’t know the right password or it’s not accepting it. I can’t factory reset because that needs authentication in recovery mode (why?) and it doesn’t boot far enough to let me use the display.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?



the pswd is written under the UCM, otherwise contact Grandstream Support:


It’s not, must be an older model with “admin” password, which isn’t accepted. I’ll try the helpdesk…


It can be last used password then.


Yes, it should be. But it won’t take the last known password, so I assume it got changed and lost. I’m happy to lose the config, so a factory reset would be fine, but it can’t be reset without the password.


Ask GS via ticket