Wireless Firewall Rules on Gwn Cloud


i need to block some sites for one of the ssids i have on a 7602 under Wireless Firewall Rules> outbond rules

But any site has multiple subdomains like explains there for example:

    • is any way to block without entering all subdomains? its too much work and the cloud only allows 63 rules?
    • put al subdomains separated by ;, or something?
    • any way to block all subdomains in one time with any prefix or something?


Wouldn’t this be done at the DHCP Server or Router level ?


You probably mean DNS or Router…I agree, leave the functionality where it belongs.


ISP router doesn’t have too much options and i think doesnt have this option. i will check later because i need to be phisically there. thanks

Movistar router Askey RTF8115VW

any way if 7602 has this option (and it works with one expample i’d create for youtube.com) i thought it would have any way to do it more simply…not?