Windows OpenVPN Client to GWN7000 OpenVPN Server


I apologize for posting this in the wrong category but there was no specific category for the GWN7000 that I saw I could pick form.

I am trying to get OpenVPN working between a Windows 10 client and a GWN7000. I have been able to get the Windows 10 client to connect utilizing OpenVPN client 2.4. However, I have not been able to get routing to work.

Before providing all of the technical details, can Grandstream confirm that the OpenVPN server available in the GWN7000 supports the use of the OpenVPN client on Windows?




It may help to also post what firmware is in the router. They just released a new one last week,


I see this post is over a year old. I am wondering if anyone has had any success getting a GWN7000 to accept a Windows 10 VPN client. If so, how?