Will the phonebook download through OpenVPN? (GXP2130)


I’ve provisioned a GXP2130 for a remote user, and it’s set up to use OpenVPN.

The phonebook XML download path is pointing to a server that would be at the other end of the VPN tunnel. Will this work? Is it smart enough to use the tunnel for that? The server is specified by IP, not hostname. I just boxed the thing up for shipping when I realized I never tested for that!

I really don’t want to expose this server directly to the internet.


I guess it depends on if you provisioned the phone to know where to retrieve the phone book. You indicated that you did point it to the server by IP and by this I assume you to mean the private IP of the server as well as the directory/file path.


Yes, private IP on our internal LAN and the path. It works fine on our LAN. It’s actually a PHP script running on our FreePBX server that auto-generates the XML based on Asterisk’s extension database, which is why I really don’t want to open it up to the internet. I’d like that server totally isolated from the world, don’t want to risk any exploits and someone could access the PBX admin interface through the same server.

I suppose I should take the phone home tonight to test. If it doesn’t work, I can put a static copy on one of our public web servers and update that for the remote user every time there’s a change. Would be annoying, but do-able. It won’t change very often.


I brought the phone home again, cleared the phonebook and tried to download from the server.

It worked remotely!

Just thought I’d report back in case anyone else wonders about this in the future.