Will pay for you to setup my UCM6302 with a few Grandstream ip phones - home user / hobbyist



I am avid home hobbyist. For about a decade I have been running a 3CX system hosted in a virtual linux server in a data center and using two different VOIP service providers for outbound calls and to receive DID calls.

I bought a UCM6302, a GXV3350 and Grandsteam Dect DP752 with 2 handsets hoping for a big upgrade.

When I looked at setting it up, I didn’t know where to start.

I was (foolishly) thinking that their would be a user-friendly interface to configure everything – since this was all new equipment and all from same company.

I went low-level to get my 3CX system up and running – including installing linux, setting up firewall rules, installing an configuring the software, using port forwarding at home to make inbound and outbound calls reliable for the handful of extensions I have, and much more… but I really would like to not go through a similar learning curve for this system – plus the UCM6300 ecosystme has some nice features that should help simplify the setup greatly.

Would someone be willing to set up or help me set up my new system?

I’m looking for 2 DID’s, and an outbound trunk. It would be nice to have outbound service from two different voip providers to allow outbound roll-over in case of outage on the primary carrier.

I want two main “lines” so-to-speak. One for business, and one for my home line. I’ll have no more than 4 to 6 “extensions”. I have a plain-old dect wireless system that will serve as the main phone(s) for the “house” line.

Call line appearance (or maybe I have the name wrong) would be good… the idea of treating a recieved call as if it were on an old keypunch system – at least to the extent possible would be nice – but I’m willing to rely on your recommendation of what works well with this system. Parking calls, etc isn’t foreign to me.

Cell-phone integration… easily passing a call back and forth, having simultaneous ring, or some other type of integration or cell phone twinning would be nice.

BLF lights are always good.

PLUS… the UCM6302 opens up a whole new world for having my on audio conference bridge, and browser-based video conferencing with screen sharing.

For anyone who’s set up these systems, I’ll gladly pay you to set me up or get me started.
I’m not clueless when it comes to phones, voip, networking, servers and more, but I really don’t have the mental fortitude to start from square zero on a new learning curve.

BTW, I’m happy to configure accounts for outbound trunking and for inbound DIDs on whatever provider(s) you feel are worthwhile… I can establish a couple of temporary DID’s to get everything going, and then port my DID’s over once everything’s stable.

I’m not looking for a pre-packaged $30 per line per month type of solution… I pay $1 per month for each did and $0.005 per minute for inbound and outbound – so I’m aware that VOIP with our own PBX can be quite economical. I don’t have to have the absolute cheapest services. I’m looking for good value – good call quality, high connection rates, SMS support for my DIDs, etc.

If you’re experience and are willing to help me, let’s talk. $100, or $200 – not get rich money… but something for your time and expertise, are all reasonable to me… Get me going, please, and I’ll be very, very happy… plus, you’ll probably like me. I currently run a Yealink T46G , but I have purchased one of the newer Grandstream desk phones… it has a few hard buttons and a nice touch screen… so I’m looking to upgrade to it as my main desk phone. Thanks… and nice to meet you! -Philip


Ping me at your convenience.
omonat at gmail dot com


Check with @lpneblett maybe ? There is other few technician in US :slight_smile:
I personally think UCM have friendly interface, but phones … well you need understand what you doing (best is auto provision from UCM and then add what you need).
You should check GS youtube they have some video about ucm/phones.


PM sent


Thank you for the suggestions and the PM’s. Also, tank you for the youtube links. I expect that they will be very helpful!


Hi, if you need help, can talk at jader DOT marasca in gmail . I’m used to 3CX and setting up a new 6301 right now. Regards


The UCM does not support SMS. It may in the future, but that is an unknown.


the biggest mistake that 99% of installers make, especially electricians, is “that is so easy”.
Grandstream UCM, like many cometitors, is based on Asterisk, 3cx has its own s.o.
So knowing 3CX does not mean knowing the SIP protocol. Don’t even know about VoIP.
In any case, on the forum, if you ask the appropriate questions, there is certainly someone willing to give you a hand.
If you have any further needs, you can ask Grandstream Support for a hand:


Your key to happiness with the UCM ecosystem is via the Grandstream Device Management Service (GDMS), and access to that is via a Grandstream Reseller, such as @InTeleSync. That’s not entirely unlike the 3CX reseller network.