Will pay for help


Private message.


Can anybody help me? No progress so far.


I have not got a PM from you and would appreciate if your elaborate a little more on your scope. I have done many complex VoIP projects with interconnection to legacy systems but i don’t quite clearly get your scope yet. All i assume is you would like the IP Phones to be able to call the radios and vice versa?. Share the architecture if you don’t mind.


No disrespect here but I don’t get out of bed for less than $190 per hour., Any good engineer who knows what they are doing and is reliable is going to charge at least $125 hr and is not going to guarantee they will do it in one hour. I would suggest hiring a good company or engineer and planning to have a budget of 3-6 hours at a minimum of $125 hr or it’s just not worth our time. We have to pay our staff and expenses.