WiFi-WiFi bridge



Hello are there any plans for the GWN7610 to have a proper WiFi to WiFi bridge mode or repeater mode?
Say you have a router with WiFi and you cant access it with wire but would like to connect wirelessly to it with 1-2 GWN7610 wifi ap’s that can send download and upload to and from the wifi router without wiring between them.


Bridge is already supported ?


Well im looking for a way for the gwn7610 to scan the nearby wifi networks for router A that has wifi built in. And then the gwn7610 will lock onto the routers wifi and extend that wifi network :slight_smile:
Could be useful if you like to add wifi at a location that doesnt support switching out the router or pluggin in more hardware where the router is located.
But you need to still add or enhance the current wifi solution.


The bridge feature currently supported is only between Grandstream access points.

It’s common practice to dedicate an access point to the bridge when a “bridge” is deployed to maintain performance but I have seen other devices that behave like you describe (“repeater”).


Also note: In bridge mode the AP is nothing but a bridge - WiFi clients cannot be served. If client service is required then look at the mesh feature instead.