Wifi Roming


How can I trouble shoot WiFi Roming with this device ? Running it on a Unifi WiFi network with several APs and it seams to struggle allot to hope from one AP to another while on a call. Is there any additional info on WiFi roming setup we should do ?



Could you please provide us more details on issue? Is the roaming not aggressive enough or the conversation is cutting off too often? In terms of the settings on the AP, we recommend to set the RSSI setting such that it allows for a bit of overlap between the APs. That way when the WP800 loses signal from the first AP it will be within range of the second AP.



I would say its not aggressive enough, it latches on to an AP, the service is very low, and then it requests to be switched to the next AP, so when you are on the edge of the AP1 coverage, and well with in the range of the second AP, it does not request to me roamed to the next, until it completely loses connection from the first AP. This makes the device very unusable un locations that have overlapping coverage. Using this on a 100% ubiquity unify system (APs, swich, router, controller) , we currently have it calibrated for wifi roaming on smartphones, we validate with an iPhone 7 and a SIP cliente, that works fine.




Thanks for the update. Just to clarify are you testing using v1.0.0.14 or v1.0.0.16? I know v1.0.0.14 has a known issue with holding on to the AP. V1.0.0.16 the roaming a slightly more aggressive. In our latest firmware, we have introduced some roaming options to configure the aggressiveness and set the threshold before switching.

#5 the one it shipped with, where can I get the newer firmware?



It will be available on the forums early July.




Please check this post for instructions on how to upgrade to v1.0.0.16:

Try the v1.0.0.16 firmware and let us know if the behavior is better.



Is there any way to observe the coverage value in dBm signal?


Settings -> about -> network statistics.
You can see dBm there.