WiFi problems


Again I cannot replicate this on the handset that I have. Been very stable even when left on a desk at the furthest distance that we have from an AP.


I left my handset on my desk overnight. It has two accounts. When I woke it up the account going to the local UCM was active but the account going to an external ITSP wasn’t.

However it became live about a minute after the phone work up.

I would expect both lines to remain active when the phone is asleep.

[By asleep I mean the display was off due to inactivity.]



We are aware of the lost of registration issue during idle and are tracking it. Also do you know if your external account is using domain name? If so, could you try IP and see if it still happens?



FYI I have account 1 set to a domain name and account to another location using IP. Still no issues experienced.


Interesting, but I found the account did not lose registration when sleeping in the dock.

I just changed the Account to register via IP vs FQDN (which was how I set it previously). Sitting on my desk and I will soon see if the problem remains.


So far since switching to an IP address instead of a FQDN the account hasn’t deregisterd on going to sleep.

I am going to turn back on the lock function just to be sure that wasn’t playing a role (made that change when I changed the setup so I want to make sure it was not involved).


Interesting, the problem seems to be related to the Lock function. Since I’ve turned it back on, the external account (using an IP instead of FQDN) loses registration when going to sleep!



We’ll investigate the lock screen in relation to this issue. So with the lock screen disabled you do not lose registration regardless if its IP or FQDN?



So it would seem.


Here is my updated finding. With lock off, the local account (1) never seems to lose registration. However the remote account (2) sometimes loses registration and sometimes does not. I can discern no pattern.



Thanks for the update. Were noticing this sort of behavior as well in the latest build although we have not found any correlation of the lost of registration with the lock screen feature.


Hi Rick…

with the new firmware, WiFi is staying activate and haven’t lost WiFi since the upgrade