WiFi problems


Uploaded new fw, will check if this happens.
OK i got one already, but let me check more.



Is this the same authenticate error you mentioned before?

For the authenticate error issue we have some questions:

  1. The lobby and your office use different or same SSID?
  2. When it didn’t reconnect with your office WiFi did the authenticate error show on the lobby or office SSID? If showing on the office SSID, we recommend to forget the SSID and re-enter the password either from handset or web.




Your issue could be unrelated to WiFi and just a SIP issue. We would like you to provide us a packet capture from working state until the issue is reproduced. You can capture a trace on the device web UI under Maintenance->System Diagnosis->One click debugging (only check “capture trace”).



Two different SSIDs and completely different networks.

Same error, but 5hs time on phone boot up.

The phone always authenticates once I go,into the WiFi menu and press connect.




Just to confirm, when it didn’t reconnect with your office WiFi did the authenticate error show on the office SSID? If showing on the office SSID, did you try to forget the SSID and re-enter the password either from handset or web? We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue but we’ll keep trying.



It was, and always seem to be with, my office SSID. D-Link DIR-868L AP.


keep losing WiFi to the device since newest firmware upgrade. I have to reboot the device and re-enter the SSID information over again. today I had to re-enter it 14x times


Just happened to me while phone was asleep.




We noted the issue and will check with our dev team on the probable causes.

Could you please include more details? Is it losing WiFi due to low signal or does it show “authenticate error?”



SSID unregisters WiFi information. Today I picked another Wifi AP for testing and issues follows with disconnecting SSID information. I did factory reset on the WP800 and issue continues


Just thought that I would post to advise that since receiving the test handset (29th May) that I have not had an issue with WiFi dropping or SIP de-registration. I am also running two test accounts across different servers.

Our set up is based on DrayTek hardware 2960 router and AP902 access points. The handset has the latest firmware version.



Just to be sure, you are saying that WiFi information is suddenly lost? Does the previously connected SSID not show “saved?” Could you please describe the steps to reproduce the issue?




For your authentication error issue, could you please perform a factory reset on the handset and then try to reproduce the issue? Once reproduced could you provide us the debug package?



Sorry @GS.Rick, but today I moved from Toronto to Ottawa and that environment is no longer available to me.

I will advise if it crops up again here.


Yes. Randomly loss WiFi information. No record are saved.

I have removed the battery from the WP800.
Waited 5 mins, reconnected the battery.
Did factory default reset and re-enter all SSID information.
Randomly WP800 will loss its SSID information. So far past 3 days, WP800 hasn’t lost its SSID information.



Just to clarify ,the device is losing the SSID information with no interaction from the user? We noticed here that if the AP has no internet connectivity, the WP800 will keep attempting to reconnect with the AP. During reconnecting, if you press the “Connect” softkey it will suddenly clear the SSID info. Was this the case for you?



Thats Right… WP800 is left alone without anyone touching it and it will lose SSID. I have tested it by disconnecting the AP from the network and waiting 10 mins to reconnect the AP. Then reconnect the WP800 to WiFi. Its connects back on and then after awhile it will loss its SSID information.



Thanks for the info we will investigate the issue. Let us know if it reoccur again after the factory reset.


Our WP800 sat on a desk for five days without usage (but with two REGISTERed accounts) because our tester was out sick. No SSID loss. Just a data point.



Has the issue reoccurred? When it does occur again, could you provide us a debug package from your handset? (web UI->Maintenance->System Diagnosis->Debug->One click debugging. All except capture trace.) We would like to check if there’s a memory fault.