WiFi - Incorrect password error on some client devices


Hi all,

Bit of a strange one here…

This is on a few of my client sites with the 7610 (running latest firmware

Some client devices (especially apple) report a wrong password when trying to connect or roaming from AP’s.

Anyone else having this? I read some earlier posts that this was happening on the 7630’s with a particular firmware version but wondering if this bug has come over in the latest.

I have since rolled-back the firmware on one of our sites to to see if this makes a difference.

Current 7610 config.

Chanel: Auto
Bandstering - 5G in priority
TX Power: high
2.4ghz Width - 20mhz
5ghz Width - 40mhz

The AP’s are connected back to a TP-Link gigabit PoE switch then an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-x as the core router.

Any ideas or insights would be great.


Pinging @grandstream for any ideas.


this is a user-user forum, it is not the right place to ask for assistance, if you don’t receive answers open a ticket:


lol sure. Ubiquiti seem to manage it quite well on their forums?..

We are deploying at least 10-15 of your access points a week at the moment I really hope this isn’t going to be another Xclaim/OpenMesh situation.

There is multiple posts of this WPA2 password failure bug dating back 5+ months, I hope you read these posts and your firmware development team test these issues in your lab. Not everyone emails issues they face and prefer to use the forum.

Not to mention the basic lack of features like disabling certain frequencies per AP rather then it having to be SSID based or your “business grade router” that can’t give adequate WAN speeds

More attention to detail needs to be done here, your access points are well priced yes. But they are not too far behind your competitors… Your hardware platform is good but firmware, gwn cloud/app, and basic features needs some work!

Just my 2-cents :slight_smile:


my GWN are working properly, so I have no problems,
entering a forum speaking badly about the product is absolutely useless,
I wrote you what you have to do, then do as you please.


Hi @Anchor. This is a user-to-user support forum. That means most of the people here are not employed or paid by Grandstream to help other users; we’re volunteers.

Sometimes Grandstream support folks jump in, but that is the exception vs the rule.

All Grandstream users have IDs that start with GS…


If you are re creating an SSID over a previous install, I often find the user may need to “FORGET THIS NETWORK” before attempting to connect to the new GWN network.


Thanks, I always do a new SSID/PW for this reason when carrying out our installations.


Half of our sites have no problems the other half do have this bug (it seems to be random).

I’m not speaking badly of your product just giving you some feedback.

If I didn’t like your access points I wouldn’t buy them nor attend your conferences when you come to New Zealand.

There is so much potential for you guys as you are very well priced! But please start adding some features like disabling 2.4ghz on certain access points rather then it having to be SSID based. GWN Cloud hasn’t seen any new features or settings in the last 6 months :confused:


in any case, technical questions and requests must be made via Ticket: