Why must I dial 1


UCM6208 I have installed many of these, newest firmware requires me to add a “1” xxx xxxx before it will complete a call, my customers do not like this, How can I disable this requirement


The firmware/UCM does not require a “1”.

The dial-plan needed is that which is required by your provider.

If your provider needs a leading one, then change the outbound rules such that a “1” is pre-pended (automatically added). I do this in the US as my provider wants to always see 11 digits, so if it is the same area code and the client was used to dialing 7 digits, the I pre-prend in the rule 1XXX where XXX is the same local dialing area code where the system resides. I do the same for 10 digits by just adding a “1” and with 11 digits, the client has dialed what is needed.