Why make number of spatial streams selectable?



I cannot think of a normal reason to have this UI feature: “Active Spatial Streams: Choose active spatial stream if Auto, 1 or 2 streams.” Just about any user would keep this setting on 2. BTW, what does “Auto” do?

The only reason to switch to 1 spatial stream would be to check and test if one of the two chains is broken - but for that I would need to have a way to select each chain.

This configuration feature can be removed from the web UI.


Old question, but still no answered. Perhaps you force the access point to use 1 stream for 1 client, so if you have an access point with MU-MIMO 4x4:4 (e.g. with GWN7630) and set this setting to 1 active spatial stream, you actually could “fairly” serve 4 clients with wifi at the same time, right?