White Noise


After the intercom boots and is sitting waiting there is audible white noise coming from the speaker. Is anyone else noticing this on their unit?


I don’t have this. What are you using to power the speaker? A PoE switch or injector?


I have not experienced this from either POE or injector… The only time I have heard anything was on “testing the microphones”


I’m using an Ubiquiti UniFi 8-150W.


Then the power should be stable enough. Might be a defect unit? Mine came in a massacred box from Hong Kong so yours could’ve been damaged in shipment.


After removing all sounds from the room, I can now confirm that there is indeed a noise coming from the speaker.

Sounds like a call without no one ever speaking.


Just for information I have powered my device up after having just received it. Powered up over PoE no noise. Tried with an injector - again no noise.


Make a call, then recheck if you hear the noise.


OK I have rebooted the device - cannot hear any noise, made test call and still no noise - HOWEVER if I put my ear onto the device in the centre, I can hear a very faint hiss. Not loud enough to distract under normal use but definitely there. This can be detected following a reboot and no call made but a I said - very faint.


Yeah well that’s the sound we all hear.


Luckily, in the room we cannot hear it but if louder then it would become a pain.



We’ve done a test on the white noise test in our environment and we considered the white noise as a ‘good’ volume level.

We don’t want to make it too quite and confused the users if they are still in calling state / disconnected from the call, that’s why we still have the white noise in the background.



Ok, but why is there this noise when idle?


Almost ANY speaker that we install has “some” amplification noise when in idle condition.

Maybe I am deaf, but the only way I hear any noise is to put my ear directly on the screen…

And then, it is very, very slight. Nuch less than any of the analog paging speakers that we install