Which Grandstream Portable Handsets


I am interested in purchasing 2 to 3 DECT cordless phones. In a past office we used DP720 phones as our cordless option so I am familiar with these. Wondering how they compare with the newer models?

I am currently looking at getting a DP 752 base station, along with 2 of either the DP720, DP722’s or the DP730. Anyone have any feed back on either of these three handsets in terms of ruggedness, longevity, connectivity, etc? Open to other suggestions, however, the budget is a factor

Currently using a Grandstream UCM6202, small building size. Not many wireless obstructions, at least as related to wifi access within the building. Not a requirement but nice to be able to go outside, or in the work area, hence the DP752 over the DP750

My current cordless option has been an Uniden analog base station, with four handset, (plugged into one of the FXS ports on a Grandstream UCM6202.) While they have worked great for over 10 years, handsets are all showing signs of use with extensive wear. I am still open to this as an option, I would be missing some of the features of the sip connected DPxxx phones


Regardless of the make and model, they are DECT which is a standard. While there have been some changes to the standard over time, one phone make will likely be somewhat comparable to other makes using the same standard. So, range, penetration, etc., will have some minor differences based upon design, but will not likely be such that one will stand-out far more than another. Keep in mind that while the DP75X may indicate more range for one model than another, it still requires that the handset also be able to accommodate that range. The FCC regulates what the output power and other parameters may be, so take some of what a manufacturer may indicate with a grain of salt.

You should be looking at what the requirements are (screen size, battery talk and stand-by time, PTT, number of accounts needed per handset, etc.) as this may eliminate some from the running immediately.


DP752 has better signal coverage than DP750 because we improved the antenna in the new model.
Because of the appearance is different, the wall mount and ceiling mount will be different than DP750.

Between DP720, DP722, DP730, only DP730 is using lithium battery, and has the longest stand by time and larger LCD, it also has keypad backlight and vibration mode that DP720 and DP722 don’t have.
DP720 and DP722 are almost the same, except DP722 also slightly better signal range than DP720, the DP722 earpiece jack and the micro USB charging port is different than DP720.

software features are all identical for all base stations or all handsets except those hardware related features.


Nothing Grandstream make would currently suit your need, id suggest use Engenius long line cordless SIP device(s)


Thanks to all for the feedback, really appreciated. Additional outbound numbers utilized via calling rules. Amount of accounts provided exceed my needs on all DP phones, so I am good there.

Larger screensize (helpful for older eyes) and extended talk times/ range, along with the ptt, are pushing me to DP730

ONE THING that amazes me is that there is still no softkey or dedicated key to allow for direct parking, perhaps with a visible park location shown on the screen. While I can always remember #72 for parking a call, the same doesn’t apply when working in larger offices where some employees need easier Office roaming options. When they have to learn how to park, listen, re-access parked calls, some just give up. Doesn’t bother me, but just the reality of the situation

Scott, while I am with you 100% and would love to go with the Engenius phones, they are way out of my budget. Ultimately I was weighing between a new analog base station/ handset option, and true sip based handsets, however, I think I am going to move away from the analog option and go with the DP 752 and DP730 option, due to the integrated functionality.

Thanks again, Sean


To park the call, I’m not sure if the speed dial function can do the trick, maybe you can give it a try.


@Shawn-GSSupport424 - feature modification to the Cordless handsets - a need for a dedicated VPMK button - capable of being able to map to a feature like “PARK” or some other useful BLF function.