Where can I find GXW450X SNMP and MIB information?


Hello all,

We’re about to deploy some GXW4501 and GXW4502 on customer facility and they asked us about the SNMP monitoring. We checked doc site but only found https://www.grandstream.com/hubfs/Product_Documentation/SNMP_Guide.pdf
Which closest device description is GXW42XX

Is the document valid? Is there a more modern version available in another site?

Thank you very much!



GXW450x do not have SNMP


Hello Marcin,

Thank you for your answer. There are several refernces to SNMP on the GXW450X User Manual

Nevertheless, no MIB collection indication or futher indication but how to connect with an external SNMP server.



oh i’m wrong it have SNMP, no idea how i do not find it.



Hello Marcin,

Thank you again for your time and your reference: your link points to a quite recent(July 14, 2022) version of that document but indeed no mention to MIBs on it or other detail rather than how to configure SNMP.
My objective with this post was to assure I didn’t miss on my search for that information, so I’ll try to escalate the question to Grandstream themselves.

You have here a great Community! Congratulations and thank you all!!


Hi @xgonzalez

You need open ticket, it is in SNMP manual :slight_smile:

P a g e 16 SNMP Guide
To retrieve the MIB of a certain Grandstream product, please Submit a technical support ticket at


Hello Marcin,

Thank you so much for pointing me out that reference, I missed it.
So I will proceed!