Where can I download GDS3710 firmware previous to version 1.0.10?


All, I’m running a GDS 3710 on firmware version 1.07.4 (HW 1.7A) and tried to upgrade to the latest 1.0.11.xx version. I tried the GSUpgradeTool, but the message I get is ‘Device upgrade … do not shutdown the program’.
Upload and download indicates both 0.00 B/s. Then I tried ftp-server, http-server, SSH; both mac os and windows os. Nothing works.
Now I like to try to upgrade to the latest version, then upgrade to version 1.0.0.x or 1.0.10.xx and finally to 1.0.11.xx; maybe this does the trick. But, where can I find the older firmware versions? The oldest version available on the Grandstream support page is 1.o.11.15. Thanks in advance.



Thanks. I tried already the ‘previous firmware’ link. But the oldest version is And I need to go back as far as, then to version 1.0.9.x etc. Until it is safe to upgrade to the latest 1.0.11.x


Got trouble with upgrade GDS 3710, too.
Since V any upgrade didn’t work at all.
Latest trial ,a few minutes ago, with V
Did all setup along the user guide but any effect.
After 25 minutes I killed process.
What’s going wrong ?


Here is a link for


FYI, I use wayback machine to find some of these urls for really old firmware.


Thanks. I’ll try the upgrade with this version. Let you know if it works.



If still not working, you can try factory reset the GDS then upgrade it, using your own HTTP server (if you have one) or point to Grandstream server “firmware.grandstream.com” to upgrade. You can try use SSH to get into the device then issue upgrade command, so you can see the log dump about the progress status. (if you have own HTTP server, you will see those logs in server side).

In old firmware, the firmware is with multiple BIN files (total 5); but new firmware combined all of them into 1 single binary file (with bigger size of course). If you cannot upgrade via single binary file, then please contact Grandstream HELPDESK open a support ticket to ask for related firmware to try.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.