Where are the provisioning settings for GS Wave on IOS?


I can find and provision android devices but not IOS (iPhone). The datasheet says an XML provisioning feature exists, but I can not find the setting to point it to a server.


try on gs wave to indicate it correctly ip of the ucm on provisioning settings(https) and then press start provisioning. it works for me.
obviously you have to set correctly Zero config


Works on Android yes.

But what he means is : where is that option on iOS? You cannot provision the iOS app the same way.


I don’t have an IOS (fortunately) but I think the options are the same or almost like Android.
It is obvious that it is better to provision via email (therefore via QR).


The QR code does work on iOS.

The provisioning doesn’t. It is simply not an option and I believe it has something to do with App Store rules. It is sad because XML config would be a nice addition to the iPhone app.

As well as a tunnel with push notifications but that’s another story.


I am then doubly happy not to own an IOS :slight_smile:
in any case, the email shows you all the values to be entered manually.


The XML has a few advantages like autoconfig of LDAP and multiple accounts.


We can all make a personal choice to use Android or IOS. Both platforms are evil in their own way, maybe one more than the other, but IOS is very popular and a necessary evil do deal with in my position.

I love the features and the value of Grandstream and have been buying a lot of their IP Phones, but its very disappointing when you read the data sheet for “Softphone App for Android and iOS” and it lists an XML provisioning feature that doesn’t actually exist for IOS. I had initially got the XML provisioning to work on the android version and thought that it would also work on IOS since I did read that in the documentation.

When I tell a customer that it is supported and then find out when trying to implement it that it isn’t and the documentation is wrong, it makes Grandstream look bad and makes me think twice about other Grandstream products. This would not be an issue if it was noted which features work in android versus IOS versions. I’ve found at least one other feature that does not work. Auto answer will not work when the IOS device is locked, but works fine when an android device is locked. I assume that may be a limitation made by Apple, but why is that not documented? Its listed as a feature.

What else will I find that is documented but doesn’t work? I better fully test everything and not trust Grandstream’s word. Or use another vendor’s product that I might have better trust in.


try taking a look at this link:


p.s.: in reference to IOS I was joking, it seemed obvious to me, there is free thinking.
With regard to one vendor rather than another everyone has pros and cons, no one excluded.


Thanks for the link, but those product related questions are part of the problem. They mention a template for provisioning and mention that both android and IOS are supported in a separate answer. There is nothing to suggest that one version has features that the other does not.

Also, it mentions another feature that doesn’t exist in IOS. The ability to export the configuration. I thought maybe I could configure one client and then export it and import it to others but that is missing as well.

It would be very time consuming and difficult to walk non-technical users through manually configuring all of the different settings, entering a secure password and then expecting them not to make mistakes or accidentally change the config later - all to do it all over again when they get a new phone. It makes the IOS version unusable to me.


open a ticket and report it :slight_smile:


a curiosity, I’m trying to explain myself:
I from scratch configure regularly see my gs wave (so I think independent of whether it is an Android or an IOS, as it detects me from the IP). Obviously you must have downloaded the GS Wave model from scratch config and you must have the latest fw UCM.
At that point I from zero config send the provisioning to my gs wave regularly.
Did you do this test?