What's the purpose for a group ring? because I have 2 phones in a group ring and only 1 rings... so


I have 2 phones in a group ring, but only 1 rings and can’t answer calls from the other one… what may i be missing?
the only feature i have been able to achieve is “follow me”, but phones don’t ring simultaneously


The purpose is to ring a group is ring the phones based on the strategy you adopted.
If you choose ring in order based on a 60 sec time out the next phone with ring after that 60 secs after


That’s kinda weird… if it’s a “ring group” i selected to “ring simultaneously”, i was expecting for both phones to actually ring simultaneously… if one rings after the other, then it’s not “simultaneous” but “consecutive”…
I still think i may be doing something wrong and that it may be actually intended for both phones to ring at once…
A possible solution is to assign 2 trunk registrations for the default phone, and make a follow me where if called it will ring itself + the other phone… therefore ringing both. But sadly I don’t have the password to access the settings for that phone…


My Apologies, ring in order ( as per your consecutive) and ring simultaneously ( all ring at once)

  1. make sure DND is not on

No need to do all of this.

post screenshot of you settings


I will check about the DND option not to be on this Monday… i’ll let you know if it works.


No, DND was not selected… yet no ringing simultaneously.


What firmware is the ucm on

check pabx General settings => ring time out => 60 sec ( global ) if you do not set ring time out on the extension each call will ring here for 60 sec

Go to extension => Features set ring time here to override global time out


I just found an easy solution: just set the concurrent registrations for the extension to 2, so I can simply assign the 2 phones to the same extension.
So: both phones ring simultaneously (1 wired desk phone & 1 wireless), and customer can answer any of them or hang up the wired one and walk away with the wireless one, or answer through the wireless phone if away from desk.
Thank you very much you really helped me understand


Glad to hear you sorted this out , from what you say you have done, this is not ring group but is " SIp forking" tha is what you essentially set up