What's in the Data Partition


I have a number of UCM61xx in service. One of them is showing 86% consumed 1912M/2212M. The Voicemail is clear and we have no recordings or backups on the Local. The only thing we do have is a music on hold [3M] and custom voice prompts [0.3M]. Is there any way to look at what is consuming all of the space?


Hello @vic45708

I’ve never run into this but, here are some thoughts/questions…

Do you have a network trace running?

Backup files?

Is syslong running? Have you cleaned out old syslog by pressing the “Clean” button?

Is email working correctly? If the system is setup the try and send emails but it can, it will hold them in memory.

Have you checked the Fax files and cleared out old one?

Otherwise, that I’m aware of, there is no file explore option to sort through the files and clear things out.

Good luck, please report back, I’d like to know the solution!



I double checked all of the above. I even deleted 3 years of CDR logs and no change in used space.


An FYI: Today when I logged in to do some maintenance work the Data Partition is now 588M down from the 1912M of before.

I don’t know what changed it.

All Of The Above!